Specialty Premixes


These products are designed to aid vendors in achieving higher levels of profitability, by utilizing the spare hopper in the vending machine to offer the consumer an exciting variety of flavoured beverages.

Chai Latte Mix

A traditional tea based latte beverage, rich and smooth in its taste profile with suitable exotic flavour tones to create a truly distinctive flavour, and is an excellent option for the vending operator to create a diverse product offering.

Spiced Chai
Latte Mix

With a more exotic taste profile than the above product, the Spiced Chai Latte Mix is complex blend of black tea, spices and flavours producing a latte into a rich experience.

French Vanilla Caffé

The Vienna French Vanilla Caffé product is a classical European combination of vanilla, chocolate, coffee, and milk. This product is growing in popularity due to the rise in specialty drinks in the coffee sector.



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